Yeronga Project – Multi-unit complex

Client Objective
The client was constructing a multi-unit complex using blockwork and tilt panel concrete. They were looking for products that provided an impressive durable finish and would meet the required standard for a multi complex building. The material also needed to be easy to work with to minimise construction time.

The Active building systems Ezycoat system was selected for rendering and finish. Ezycoat Ezyprep and Patch render was used to prepare the surface and is a highly reactive cement based adhesive allowing for quick bedding of the Ezytrim render beads.

The Ezycoat ECA Render is suitable for application to Clay Brick, Concrete Block, Polystyrene Cladding, Koolwall Panel as such it was perfect for this job. Ezycoat ECA Render is a modified render that is easy to work with as it only requires water to create a render that is adhesive and has tensile properties.

The job was finished with Ezycoat Sand 800 for a great look and feel.


Ezycoat Ezyprep and Patch
Ezytrim Render beads
Ezycoat ECA Render
Ezycoat Sand 800


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