How Decorative Mouldings Can Transform Your Home, Office Or Apartment.

Are you looking to transform your home, apartments or office? Would you love for your property to stand out from the crowd?
From stunning Australian homes to elegant 5-star hotels and modern apartment buildings, decorative mouldings are the secret behind many of the grandest Australian properties, and an untapped way to help achieve better energy ratings.

So if you’re researching decorative mouldings, let’s look at the major benefits and styles you can use!

1. Types of decorative mouldings

From interior and exterior window and door architraves, vents, sunhoods and blades, keystones, the amount of styles of creative mouldings that you can use is almost endless. You can see a few examples of decorative mouldings here:

But perhaps even more enticing for your project, with Active Building Systems we can design custom decorative mouldings for your home or office, using the latest in precision design software and manufacturing processes. Imagine your own, one of a kind custom set of decorative mouldings to embellish your home!

2. Designed to stand the test of time

With timeless decorative moulding designs that will look as good now, as they do in 20, 30 or 50 years, our creative mouldings are constructed from lightweight, ultra high-density polystyrene covered with a high strength modified resin base coating.

This means that your decorative mouldings will not only look timeless but also stand the test of time in our harsh Australian conditions. Our creative mouldings can also replicate a “rendered style” finish, you simply paint over them in any way you like to match your stunning new home or office.

3. Improving your homes energy rating

If you’re investing in creative mouldings for their visual appearance, then you might be surprised to know that they can also improve your home’s energy rating, especially when we’re looking at sunhoods and blades that provide your window openings with shade. Energy efficiency is exponential when you use sunhoods and blades in a commercial building or large apartment building, like some of the examples you can see in our portfolio here:

4. Creative mouldings add remarkable value

Creative mouldings are the ideal way of turning a stark and drab interior, or exterior in your home or office, into a property that grabs the attention of not only passes by, but also potential buyers if you’re ever looking to sell. It’s for these reasons that many renown architects and large construction companies use decorative mouldings to create timeless buildings such as world famous hotels, restaurants and magazine worthy homes. Decorative mouldings stand out, and they can be one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your home or commercial premises.

5. Available anywhere in Australia

Active Building Systems have over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, with an expert decorative moulding research and development team on hand.

So even if you live in the remotest parts of Australia, when you build with Active Building Systems, be it in Queensland or inner-city Brisbane, New South Wales including Sydney, Victoria and Melbourne, South Australia Adelaide, Tasmania Hobart, North Queensland Darwin, Western Australia Perth and ACT Canberra, your project will come alive with your new creative mouldings. Add style to your home or office today, the easy way! Decorative mouldings can transform your windows, eaves, verandas and doorways, while significantly cutting down the time you spend painting and maintaining your property.

Decorative mouldings are:

  • -Easy to install and paint
  • Super low maintenance
  • Moisture, mold and termite proof
  • Can provide better energy efficiency
  • Available all over Australia

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