5 Ways Sunhoods And Blades Will Transform Your Home.

Active Building Systems specialise in modern, visually stunning construction mouldings like sunhoods and blades that can transform a home or apartment building. Perfect if you’re a home builder or architect, and want to stand out from the crowd.

Our sunhoods and blades are hand-crafted with state of the art software, custom designed to you needs, to ensure the perfect shape and lines for your home.

Each Active Building Systems mould is constructed from a lightweight, high-density polystyrene that’s coated in a durable cement based resin coating. Then once made, your sunhoods and blades are remarkably easy to paint, making for a gorgeous exterior.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 ways custom mouldings like sunhoods and blades can transform your home:

1. Improve Your Homes Energy Rating

Sunhoods and blades provide an easy, economical way of providing your window openings with additional shade, helping builders achieve higher energy ratings, especially when used on large commercial buildings.

Our polystyrene sunhoods and blades are also a smart choice when compared to older board or steel construction method, and are far easier to paint and install.
2. Add Magazine Worthy Style To Your Home

Sunhoods and blades can quickly add interesting lines and features to your home’s windows and walls, providing an elegant finish that’ll be the envy of your neighbours.

When you drive down your street, imagine your home being the one that looks like it was designed and built just for you, not just another house on the block.

Sunhoods and blades are also perfect for your homes interior if you’re looking for a unique feature wall or internal window to admire or discuss when entertaining.
3. Easy To Install And Maintain

The process of fitting your sunhoods and blades couldn’t be easier if you’re a professional, or home builder. You can order pre-cut shapes and designs, or have our team create a totally custom set of moulds for you, using the latest precision design software and manufacturing processes.

4. Add Value To Your Home Or Apartments

Sunhoods and blades are the perfect way of taking a stark and uninteresting exterior and turning your home into one that catches the eye of buyers and investors if you ever decide to sell up.

You can see some examples in our Active Building Systems project gallery, or have a look at some of the most revered modern buildings online such as world famous hotels and restaurants. Many feature striking sunhoods and blades.

5. Cost Effective

Sunhoods and blades are the cost-effective way to increase your home or apartment’s energy rating and add your own unique style. You can use these custom mouldings how you like, to add your own touch to your home or apartment building today.

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