Are You Spraying Mortar Or Render In Brisbane? Check Out The Imer Koine 35!

Are you looking to spray Mortar, Acrylic Render, Construction Grouts, Floor Levelling Compounds or Fireproofing surfaces on your project in or around Brisbane?

Then check out the Imer Koine 35, a highly sort after machine that does it all, mix, pump and spray. It can even spray premixed mortars up to 30 meters to significantly reduce the time it could take to complete your job.

That means increasing productivity and more profits per project with the Imer Koine 35!

Here are some other reasons we here at Active Building Systems in Brisbane think the Imer Koine 35 is the best thing since sliced bread:

1. Super Simple To Use

Easier is always better when you want to get your Brisbane mortar or render job done, big or small. The Imer Koine 35 is one of the most solid and easy to Brisbane render mixer, pumps and sprayers in Queensland, or anywhere on the market for that matter.

The Imer Koine 35 control panel requires little to no training or monitoring while spraying render. With rock sturdy switches and the exclusive Imer 3-speed inverter functionality, providing a variable flow rate for almost any job of 8-11-15 l/min.

You’d be hard pressed to need more flow than that for most Brisbane domestic and commercial sized mortar or render spraying jobs.

And with a highly visible red led display and a standard hour meter, little comes close to this user-friendly render, grout, fire insulation, lightweight screeds and levelling compound mixer and sprayer!

2. Bullet Proof Reliability

The Imer Koine 35 runs on a rock solid single-phase motor, so you can plug it into any 20Amp 240V powerpoint. This means you can use it anywhere there’s standard Aussie power, on mains or with a generator.

The reliability means that you can spray with confidence knowing that you’ll have an even, smooth consistency while continuously pumping. The Imer Koine 35 has an elite IMER diaphragm compressor that offers low maintenance, a unique self-priming water pump with a superior quality stainless steel casing and brass impeller and a tilt-able mixing chamber for quick and easy screw stator changing.

In essence, you can turn up to your Brisbane mortar or render spraying project knowing that the Active Building Systems Koine 35 won’t let you down. You’ll get great results with the fast mixing and pumping of materials such as Acrylic Render, Construction Grouts, Floor Levelling Compounds and Fireproofing products.

3. Easy To Setup, Clean And Transport

The Imer Koine 35 can be quickly disassembled into four modules for easy transport around Brisbane or all over Queensland for that matter, it’s a sinch for getting up and down multi-story buildings.

The Imer Koine 35 has a quick setup with the cleaning and mixing chambers being separate to the hopper. This means no disassembly is required during cleaning, beauty!

It also means a quick start-up with your dry materials remaining in the hopper. Perfect if you have to take phone calls during render spraying, or are working all day and want to take a smoko break without worrying about your mix setting in the hopper.

Some of the equipment provided with your Imer Koine 35 rental includes:

  • Long 20m power cable with a 16A plug
  •  A 20m water hose, 15m material hose Ø25 with cam couplings, 16m air hose Ø 13 with Geka couplings
  • An Accessory box with material hose washing sponge, a scraper and a remote pneumatic control.

You can see the full equipment supplied with every Imer Koine 35 rental here, to get your project done right the first time:

Hire the Imer Koine 35 from just $89 per week!

Active Building Systems in Brisbane can now look after all your pump machine needs for spraying Mortar, Acrylic Render, Various Construction Grouts, Floor Levelling Compounds or Fireproofing surfaces.

With the Imer Koine 35, you can get the job you need done with the safety you need for you and your team. The Imer Koine 35 complies with all CE standards.

Just give us a call on 1300 566 592 or contact us here to hire the Imer Koine 35 for your next Brisbane mortar or render project:

We can also help you with the largest range of spare parts if you need it. Whether it’s a Strata Render Pump Machine, Mai Render Pump Machine, Larry Render Pump Machine or our own Koine Render Pump Machine, just get in touch today.

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