Woody Point Project

Client Objective
The customer was looking for an integrated system that would allow for minimal construction time while providing a premium durable finish. They required a product that provided superior fire rating / protection and acoustic insulation while being easy to work with during construction.

The builder choose the Nasahi party wall system for his project, due to the speed of construction and the durability of the panel.

He has now used it on a number of projects and won’t go back to any other system.

Nasahi AAC Panels are low-maintenance with high durability, withstanding impacts likely to occur in normal domestic or commercial conditions with it 200 x 200 grid mesh embedded in the middle of the panel. They easily surpass requirements for minimum life expectancy, will not warp or rot, and are resistant to pests. The materials used in Nasahi AAC Panels are not combustible in the event of fire making them an excellent choice in bushfire prone areas. They also will not emit any toxic gasses or vapours.

With their excellent quality and dimensional accuracy, they allow for modular design minimising cutting and wastage during construction. Call our team today to discuss how Nasahi can be used on your next job to decrease construction time yet still provide a durable finish.


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