Want To Use One Of Best Fire Rated Panels For Your Next Project?

The building industry is evolving, with architects, construction companies and home builders now wanting simpler, safer and more cost-effective materials, that are importantly environmentally-friendly.

And it makes sense, technology in almost every other area of our lives has evolved, so why have most residential and commercial construction materials and building methods stayed in the dark ages?

That’s why we’re happy to be at the forefront of one of most significant building and construction advances in Australia over the last 20 years, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels with corrosion-protected steel reinforcements.

ACC panels are ground-breaking in their simplicity.

They’re lightweight, strong yet quick and easy to install with minimal clean-up. Two men can easily and safely install an astonishing 75m2 of panel per day, even more when installing party walls

Actually, you’ve probably passed hundreds, if not thousands of buildings using ACC panels without even realising it. Because until recently, most of these buildings where larger commercial and industrial. Not anymore.

Meet the Loxo/Nasahi panels, the perfect fire rated exterior cladding for residential and commercial buildings, meeting up to 90/90/90 FRL fire protection regulations.

ACC panels have been used for some 70 years around the world, and in the last 20 years here, predominantly in larger buildings like warehouses for their ease of assembly on a larger scale. That, and their sound benefits in commercial environments.

But now, the Loxo/Nasahi panels are becoming one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial building for their modern aesthetics, and especially in bushfire-prone locations with their ability to protect against fire, a reality of living in Australia.

For Australian homes and commercial buildings in remote areas where bushfires are a real threat, and even city locations where fires can break out due to machinery or electrical faults, ensuring your building has the best possible protection against fire should be high on the must-have list.

The Loxo Nasahi panel has also become hugely successful for party wall systems in duplex and townhouse developments, due to the speed of construction, cost saving compared to traditional methods and the fact that it is not affected by wet weather is making the Loxo Nashai panel the builders choice.

Loxo/Nasahi panels are renowned for their high fire resistance with an ignitable index of zero (0)!

These panels do not combust in a fire and do not emit toxic gases. They comply with the Codemark Australia and BEAL Appraisal with a 90/90/90 FRL. This makes the Loxo/Nasahi panels compliant with all 6 Bushfire Attack Level categories (BAL) for external cladding. A remarkable achievement when you compare the Loxo/Nasahi fire-rated panels to other cladding solutions.

Loxo/Nasahi panels can be used over both timber and steel frames, party walls and as flooring that absorbs sound, strong and easy to maintain and creates remarkable insulation.

Coming soon Loxo Nasahi Fencing

Environmentally friendly Panels matters too.

Providing a fire rated panel solution is great, but not at the cost of our environment. Loxo/Nasahi panels are eco-friendly and non-toxic, producing no harmful gases during manufacturing, installation or in the unfortunate event of a fire.

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