Ezytrim Installation

Ezytrim Installation

The method of installation will depend on the type of surface to which the Ezytrim Rendering Bead is to be applied to. It is recommended that should any doubt exist to the required method of installation then our offices should be contacted for further advice on how to install the Ezytrim Bead correctly. When Installing Ezytrim PVC Render Beads, both the angle and surface to be adhered must be clean and free from dust or contaminates that could affect the adhesion process.

The method of application described herein, only refers to the Ezytrim PVC Finshing Beads & Angles for all other branded PVC Beads & Angles products we recommend you contact your supplier for the recommended method of installation.

For Brickwork, Blockwork or approved Fibre cement Texture Sheeting (Refer to building board manufacturer for further Details)

Using Active Building Systems Ezyprep or Ezycoat Coarse Patch( see Ezyspec TDS ) liberally apply a coat of product to the edge to be treated prior to installing the Ezytrim angle. While still wet then embed the Ezytrim angle into the Ezycoat Patch Product ensuring that the 1st application of wet Ezycoat patch squeezes thru the holes in the Ezytrim Angle Bead. At this Point the angle should be position in its final resting place ensuring it is straight & plumb as required. While the Ezycoat Patch is still wet and the Ezytrim angle positioned correctly then a second coat of Ezycoat patch should be applied to the outside of the Ezytrim angle legs so as to ensure a good coverage of Ezycoat patch over the legs of the angle. The second coat should only be of minimal thickness as per specification, so to allow the second coat of Ezycoat finishing texture or render be applied to the minimum coating thicknesses as specified by the relavant Ezycoat Ezyspec TDS for the product being used. The second coat of patch should be feathered out to its minamum thickness so as to blend in with the wall, however the applicator will need to determine this based on the finishing coat system he has chosen to use. The Ezycoat Patching compounds should then be allowed to fully cure as per the Ezyspec TDS prior to applying any Ezycoat Finishing coats.

For Koolwall Or Koolwall Raw Panel System(For all other EPS please refer to the manufacturer for further advise)

In the case of Koolwall & Koolwall Raw we recommend the use of Ezyfix Adhesive (For further advise refer to the Ezyfix Adhesive TDS.).for the installation of Ezytrim Beads & Angles. The Ezyfix Adhesive should be liberally applied to the Ezytrim angle. When installing the Ezytrim angles the Ezyfix adhesive should have a min 3 mm diamater bead of Ezyfix run along the full length of the internal angle corners and then also have a similar bead of 3mm diameter run in a snake like pattern along the full length of each leg of the Ezytrim Bead. In the case of C channels this will mean all three legs will require this application along with the 2 internal corners. The angle should then be placed onto the surface to which it is to be applied and moved up and down to maximise the spread of the adhesive when being placed in position. Any excess adhesive can be wiped off. In the case where this is not possible, the adhesive should be spread in a manner to allow maximum adhesion prior to placing the Ezytrim render bead in position.
It is important to ensure that the adhesive used do not excessively fill the angle perforations on the render beads. These must be kept relatively clear to allow acrylic render or cement renders to hold during the rendering application process.


For any further service & advice please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

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