How Decorative Mouldings Can Transform Your Home, Office Or Apartment.

Are you looking to transform your home, apartments or office? Would you love for your property to stand out from the crowd?

From stunning Australian homes to elegant 5-star hotels and modern apartment buildings, decorative mouldings are the secret behind many of the grandest Australian properties, and an untapped way to help achieve better energy ratings.

So if you’re researching decorative mouldings, let’s look at the major benefits and styles you can use!

1. Types of decorative mouldings

From interior and exterior window and door architraves, vents, sunhoods and blades, keystones, the amount of styles of creative mouldings that you can use is almost endless.

You can see a few examples of decorative mouldings here:

But perhaps even more enticing for your project, with Active Building Systems we can design custom decorative mouldings for your home or office, using the latest in precision design software and manufacturing processes. 

Imagine your own, one of a kind custom set of decorative mouldings to embellish your home!

2. Designed to stand the test of time

With timeless decorative moulding designs that will look as good now, as they do in 20, 30 or 50 years, our creative mouldings are constructed from lightweight, ultra high-density polystyrene covered with a high strength modified resin base coating.

This means that your decorative mouldings will not only look timeless but also stand the test of time in our harsh Australian conditions. Our creative mouldings can also replicate a “rendered style” finish, you simply paint over them in any way you like to match your stunning new home or office.

3. Improving your homes energy rating

If you’re investing in creative mouldings for their visual appearance, then you might be surprised to know that they can also improve your home’s energy rating, especially when we’re looking at sunhoods and blades that provide your window openings with shade.

Energy efficiency is exponential when you use sunhoods and blades in a commercial building or large apartment building, like some of the examples you can see in our portfolio here:

4. Creative mouldings add remarkable value

Creative mouldings are the ideal way of turning a stark and drab interior, or exterior in your home or office, into a property that grabs the attention of not only passes by, but also potential buyers if you’re ever looking to sell.

It’s for these reasons that many renown architects and large construction companies use decorative mouldings to create timeless buildings such as world famous hotels, restaurants and magazine worthy homes.

Decorative mouldings stand out, and they can be one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your home or commercial premises.

5. Available anywhere in Australia

Active Building Systems have over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, with an expert decorative moulding research and development team on hand.

So even if you live in the remotest parts of Australia, when you build with Active Building Systems, be it in Queensland or inner-city Brisbane, New South Wales including Sydney, Victoria and Melbourne, South Australia Adelaide, Tasmania Hobart, North Queensland Darwin, Western Australia Perth and ACT Canberra, your project will come alive with your new creative mouldings.

Add style to your home or office today, the easy way!

Decorative mouldings can transform your windows, eaves, verandas and doorways, while significantly cutting down the time you spend painting and maintaining your property. 

Decorative mouldings are:

  • Easy to install and paint
  • Super low maintenance
  • Moisture, mold and termite proof
  • Can provide better energy efficiency
  • Available all over Australia

Chat to the Active Building Systems team

If you would like to transform your home or apartment building with custom decorative mouldings, simply get in touch with the friendly Active Building Systems team on 07 3216 5966 or email us here. 

We’d love to hear from you and see how decorative mouldings can help breath life into your home, office or commercial building.


Are You Researching Cladding For Your Home Or Townhouse? Here’s Why Koolwall Is So Popular.

Imagine a home or townhouses exterior finish that looks magazine worthy, reduces maintenance, reduces your energy costs, durable, insulates sound, has a fire retardant,  while being an environmentally friendly building product.

Sounds good right?

Well, that’s exactly why cladding is one of the most popular ways to give old buildings a new look,  create smart facades or complete cladding package for modern buildings.

At the forefront of Australian cladding is Koolwall, a reinforced polystyrene cladding that’s fire retardant, lightweight, easy to cut, fast to install and meets all of the Australian Building Codes!

Let’s jump back a little bit, and define what cladding is exactly?

According to Wikipedia; “cladding is the use of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve a building’s appearance. Cladding is also used to control noise entering or escaping“.

But this doesn’t really do the benefits of cladding justice, so let’s go a little deeper:

1. Stunning Lifelong Aesthetics.

Be it your home, office or an entire Townhouse development project, cladding can transform an otherwise dreary structure, making it visually appealing and increasing the buildings market value.

And when it comes to aesthetics, Koolwall leads the way as the only system available on the Australian market that’s a “full cladding system”.

From the patented fixing system, Ezytrim render beads to the Ezycoat render , texture and paint, the finishing results you can achieve from Koolwall are leagues above most competitor products.

2. Remarkably Low Maintenance.

One of the biggest advantages of cladding is the minimal maintenance required. Koolwall cladding requires nothing more than a wash to maintain its newness and long-lasting resilience to the elements.

A gentle wash every  year, or when you notice dirt starting to build is all you will need. And it’s not only it’s low maintenance, Koolwall’s easy to install so you can save time there too when compared to more conventional building materials.

3. Increased Safety And Protection.

External cladding is protection. Koolwall increases the mechanical strength of your home or townhouse, improves resistance to cracking during increased temperature change, makes your building weatherproof and has strong resistance to wind, storms sunlight and rain. Koolwall also acts as a protective layer, preventing water seepage into your home’s interior.

Koolwall is a remarkable insulator too, protecting your home’s interior from absorbing extreme heat and keeping your internal temperature nice and cool. And because of it’s brilliant insulation, your home will have the best sound insulation around.

If You’re Researching Cladding, Get In Touch.

If you’re looking for a stunning, fast, safe, affordable and highly energy efficient cladding system that meets all Australian building codes, please just get in touch with the team at Active Building Systems here

or call on 1300 566 592.


5 Ways Sunhoods And Blades Will Transform Your Home.

Active Building Systems specialise in modern, visually stunning construction mouldings like sunhoods and blades that can transform a home or apartment building. Perfect if you’re a home builder or architect, and want to stand out from the crowd.

Our sunhoods and blades are hand-crafted with state of the art software, custom designed to you needs, to ensure the perfect shape and lines for your home.

Each Active Building Systems mould is constructed from a lightweight, high-density polystyrene that’s coated in a durable cement based resin coating. Then once made, your sunhoods and blades are remarkably easy to paint, making for a gorgeous exterior.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 ways custom mouldings like sunhoods and blades can transform your home:

1. Improve Your Homes Energy Rating

Sunhoods and blades provide an easy, economical way of providing your window openings with additional shade, helping builders achieve higher energy ratings, especially when used on large commercial buildings.

Our polystyrene sunhoods and blades are also a smart choice when compared to older board or steel construction method, and are far easier to paint and install.
2. Add Magazine Worthy Style To Your Home

Sunhoods and blades can quickly add interesting lines and features to your home’s windows and walls, providing an elegant finish that’ll be the envy of your neighbours.

When you drive down your street, imagine your home being the one that looks like it was designed and built just for you, not just another house on the block.

Sunhoods and blades are also perfect for your homes interior if you’re looking for a unique feature wall or internal window to admire or discuss when entertaining.
3. Easy To Install And Maintain

The process of fitting your sunhoods and blades couldn’t be easier if you’re a professional, or home builder. You can order pre-cut shapes and designs, or have our team create a totally custom set of moulds for you, using the latest precision design software and manufacturing processes.

4. Add Value To Your Home Or Apartments

Sunhoods and blades are the perfect way of taking a stark and uninteresting exterior and turning your home into one that catches the eye of buyers and investors if you ever decide to sell up.

You can see some examples in our Active Building Systems project gallery, or have a look at some of the most revered modern buildings online such as world famous hotels and restaurants. Many feature striking sunhoods and blades.

5. Cost Effective

Sunhoods and blades are the cost-effective way to increase your home or apartment’s energy rating and add your own unique style. You can use these custom mouldings how you like, to add your own touch to your home or apartment building today.

Get In Touch With Active Building Systems

If you would like to get an estimation for transforming your home or apartments with custom mouldings such as sunhoods and blades, then talk to our friendly Queensland team on 07 3216 5966 or email us.

Loxo/Nasahi Panels V.S. Plasterboard For Your Party Walls.

Are you designing or building a party wall?

Also called a ‘parting or common wall’ between connecting buildings or units, your party wall materials not only affect construction time, costs and longevity, but also tenant happiness.

With a party wall, there’s a bit to consider before you build:

  • Sound and smell insulation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Water resistance

These 4 needs sound obvious for a party wall right? But when it comes to building one, many people use plasterboard not knowing there’s an alternative, and this can result in rather unhappy tenants.

Simply because plasterboard is one of the worst insulating materials around.

Loxo/Nasahi panels are changing the way party walls are being constructed, let’s have a closer look:

1. Party Wall Sound And Smell Insulation

If you want tenants who will sell up or move out at the first chance, not having sound or smell insulation will do the job.

An elderly neighbour with poor hearing, a large family, a newborn, teenagers, a puppy. All sounds that can downright peeve you off when they are as loud in your home, as they are your neighbours.

There’s also smells like smokers, incense, delicious but rather potent curries and so on. Like sounds, you’ll need to avoid transferring smells through your party wall.

That’s why Loxo/Nasahi panels are as easy as plasterboard to build with, yet provide acoustic and insulation performance that’s equivalent to masonry products that are twice as thick. Brilliant!

Without the other 3 reasons in this article, insulating against sound and smell is worth investing in Loxo/Nasahi panels alone.

2. Party Wall Temperature Regulation

Let’s say one tenant loves to keep their home open on chilly winter nights, but on the other side of the common wall you have a tenant that loves it baking hot. They turn their heaters up to 11 when they can.

Plasterboard alone fails terribly here, hot or cold temperatures spread throughout each tenant’s home, causing big issues, and even bigger energy bills.

Insulating is an option but if you want remarkable temperature insulation from the get-go, with all of the other party wall benefits, Loxo/Nasahi panels are designed to ensure your tenants can regulate and enjoy their homes or offices.

3. Party Wall Fire Resistance

Party walls should always be made of non-combustible materials. Loxo/Nasahi panels have exceptional fire resistance and are even used by architects and builders in bushfire prone locations.

Loxo/Nasahi comply with all six Bushfire Attack Level Categories (BAL) with leading FRL’s for both walls and floors.

And in the event of fire, will not emit any toxic gases or vapours. Another point for Loxo/Nasahi panels.

4. Party Wall Water Resistance

Water resistance is another place where plasterboard fails. If you’ve ever left a plasterboard sheet out in the rain, you may have seen it turn to mush right in front of your eyes.

It’s not only for your tenants, but load bearing safety that you should use water-resistant materials for a party wall. Loxo/Nasahi will not bend, soften or deteriorate in wet weather.

You could probably make a surfboard out of Loxo/Nasahi panels, that’s how water resistant they are!

Like to know more about Loxo/Nasahi panels?

Loxo/Nasahi panels are perfect for residential construction, extensions, re-cladding and low rise buildings using timber or steel frames.

Applications include:

  • External walls
  • Boundary walls
  • Party (partition) walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Floor and ceiling systems

When it comes to building your next party wall, be sure to chat to the team at Active Building Systems on 1300 566 592 or contact us here.


Yeronga Project – Multi-unit complex

Client Objective
The client was constructing a multi-unit complex using blockwork and tilt panel concrete. They were looking for products that provided an impressive durable finish and would meet the required standard for a multi complex building. The material also needed to be easy to work with to minimise construction time.

The Active building systems Ezycoat system was selected for rendering and finish. Ezycoat Ezyprep and Patch render was used to prepare the surface and is a highly reactive cement based adhesive allowing for quick bedding of the Ezytrim render beads.

The Ezycoat ECA Render is suitable for application to Clay Brick, Concrete Block, Polystyrene Cladding, Koolwall Panel as such it was perfect for this job. Ezycoat ECA Render is a modified render that is easy to work with as it only requires water to create a render that is adhesive and has tensile properties.

The job was finished with Ezycoat Sand 800 for a great look and feel.


Ezycoat Ezyprep and Patch
Ezytrim Render beads
Ezycoat ECA Render
Ezycoat Sand 800



Woody Point Project

Client Objective
The customer was looking for an integrated system that would allow for minimal construction time while providing a premium durable finish. They required a product that provided superior fire rating / protection and acoustic insulation while being easy to work with during construction.

The builder choose the Loxo® Nasahi party wall system for his project, due to the speed of construction and the durability of the panel.

He has now used it on a number of projects and won’t go back to any other system.

Loxo /Nasahi AAC Panels are low-maintenance with high durability, withstanding impacts likely to occur in normal domestic or commercial conditions with it 200 x 200 grid mesh embedded in the middle of the panel. They easily surpass requirements for minimum life expectancy, will not warp or rot, and are resistant to pests. The materials used in Loxo/Nasahi AAC Panels are not combustible in the event of fire making them an excellent choice in bushfire prone areas. They also will not emit any toxic gasses or vapours.

With their excellent quality and dimensional accuracy, they allow for modular design minimising cutting and wastage during construction. Call our team today to discuss how Loxo/Nasahi can be used on your next job to decrease construction time yet still provide a durable finish.

*Loxo Nasahi


Want To Use One Of Best Fire Rated Panels For Your Next Project?

The building industry is evolving, with architects, construction companies and home builders now wanting simpler, safer and more cost-effective materials, that are importantly environmentally-friendly.

And it makes sense, technology in almost every other area of our lives has evolved, so why have most residential and commercial construction materials and building methods stayed in the dark ages?

That’s why we’re happy to be at the forefront of one of most significant building and construction advances in Australia over the last 20 years, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels with corrosion-protected steel reinforcements.

ACC panels are ground-breaking in their simplicity.

They’re lightweight, strong yet quick and easy to install with minimal clean-up. Two men can easily and safely install an astonishing 75m2 of panel per day, even more when installing party walls

Actually, you’ve probably passed hundreds, if not thousands of buildings using ACC panels without even realising it. Because until recently, most of these buildings where larger commercial and industrial. Not anymore.

Meet the Loxo/Nasahi panels, the perfect fire rated exterior cladding for residential and commercial buildings, meeting up to 90/90/90 FRL fire protection regulations.

ACC panels have been used for some 70 years around the world, and in the last 20 years here, predominantly in larger buildings like warehouses for their ease of assembly on a larger scale. That, and their sound benefits in commercial environments.

But now, the Loxo/Nasahi panels are becoming one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial building for their modern aesthetics, and especially in bushfire-prone locations with their ability to protect against fire, a reality of living in Australia.

For Australian homes and commercial buildings in remote areas where bushfires are a real threat, and even city locations where fires can break out due to machinery or electrical faults, ensuring your building has the best possible protection against fire should be high on the must-have list.

The Loxo Nasahi panel has also become hugely successful for party wall systems in duplex and townhouse developments, due to the speed of construction, cost saving compared to traditional methods and the fact that it is not affected by wet weather is making the Loxo Nashai panel the builders choice.

Loxo/Nasahi panels are renowned for their high fire resistance with an ignitable index of zero (0)!

These panels do not combust in a fire and do not emit toxic gases. They comply with the Codemark Australia and BEAL Appraisal with a 90/90/90 FRL. This makes the Loxo/Nasahi panels compliant with all 6 Bushfire Attack Level categories (BAL) for external cladding. A remarkable achievement when you compare the Loxo/Nasahi fire-rated panels to other cladding solutions.

Loxo/Nasahi panels can be used over both timber and steel frames, party walls and as flooring that absorbs sound, strong and easy to maintain and creates remarkable insulation.

Coming soon Loxo Nasahi Fencing

Environmentally friendly Panels matters too.

Providing a fire rated panel solution is great, but not at the cost of our environment. Loxo/Nasahi panels are eco-friendly and non-toxic, producing no harmful gases during manufacturing, installation or in the unfortunate event of a fire.


Are You Building An Energy Efficient Home? See Why Homeowners And Builders Love Koolwall.

There are a plenty of products in the market that advertise as being energy efficient, some are great, and some are not.

Take your traditional brick and mortar home that will absorb heat all day long and require air-con all night long, or your old Queenslander home that let’s face it, has no chance of insulting against any season.

Perhaps it’s the mega companies that keep these ‘traditional materials’ on the market, because it does seem silly that these ancient technologies dating back thousands of years (that require us to dig up the earth or lop trees) are still so widely used when there are now remarkable alternatives.

Alternatives that are:

  • Australian made.
  • Cheaper to build with.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Faster to construct.

And just as importantly, materials that’ll make your home look like it should be featured on the cover of a magazine.

Koolwall, all Australian made and owned, super energy efficient cladding system that’s designed for our environment.

Koolwall is at its energy efficient core, a reinforced polystyrene cladding that’s lightweight, easy to cut and shape with minimal installation time. As the manufacturers of Koolwall, we’re proud to say that it’s the only system like it available on the Australian market today.

How energy efficient is Koolwall anyway?

In construction, the R-value indicates the material’s ability to resist heat- flow from one side to the other. R-values show the effectiveness of insulation – and the higher the number, the more effective the insulation when it comes to energy efficiency.

In other words, the higher the R-value, the less you’ll need to heat or cool your home.

The show just how energy efficient Koolwall is, here are the R-value ratings it can achieve:

Koolwall 40mm – 2.3 R
Koolwall 60mm – 2.8 R
Koolwall 75mm – 3 R

Let’s compare Koolwall to some other building materials:

Gypsum Wall Board standard – 0.45 R
Plywood standard – 0.62 R
Fibreboard sheathing standard – 1.32 R

Medium Density Particle Board – 0.53 R

Common Brick – 0.80 R
Face Brick – 0.44 R
Concrete Masonry standard – 0.80 R
Sandstone / Limestone – 0.08 R

Needless to say, few materials come close to Koolwall when it comes to insulation and building an energy efficiency home!

Certified by the most stringent Australian and NZ building authorities.

CodeMark is a certification scheme developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in consultation with the NZ Department of Building and Housing, Industry Groups and prospective Certifications Bodies.

This certification gives homeowners, builders and renovators the peace of mind and security that the product meets all Australian standards. In Koolwall’s case, we’re setting a few new benchmarks too.

Meeting all certifications is, however, just the beginning. Koolwall when installed correctly is backed by a full 10-year warranty.

Building with Koolwall, a true breeze.

Aside from it’s leading energy efficiency, Koolwall has truly revolutionised the way we build. It is simple and safe to cut and assemble, saving you significant time and money when compared to traditional building materials.

The Koolwall cladding system is also the only system on the Australian market that’s supplied in full, including Ezytrim PVC renders beads, the Ezycoat cement render, Ezycoat acrylic render and the Ezycoat paint.

Koolwall is designed and manufactured right here in Australia and the results of using Koolwell speak for itself:

Like to know more about Koolwall?

If you’re looking for a simple, safe, affordable and energy efficient cladding system that’s perfect for our Australian and New Zealand climates, please just get in touch with the team at Active Building Systems today or give us a call on 1300 566 592.


Client Case Study

Our client is an independent builder located in South East Queensland.

Client Objective

The customer was looking for products that would minimise the project schedule while providing a premium finish. The product needed to ensure maximum insulation and extensive durability. Furthermore, the builder required panels that could be easily rendered for a modern and contemporary look.


Active building systems recommended the customer select the Koolwall 75mm panel system. This system met all of their requirements ensuring high degree of insulation with reinforced polystyrene cladding backed by certified engineers.

The beauty of the Koolwall cladding for this builder was not only that the cladding provided the required insulation and durability he was after, the Koolwall system is also lightweight and easy to cut ensuring the job kept to proposed timelines.

Once complete, the panels were finished with a lush coating of Ezycoat Render. Ezycoat Render is a cost-effective premium product that combines a rendered texture with a paint finish. It ensures a modern look and feel designed to match Australian environmental conditions. Finally, a coat of Acrylic finish was applied to give a sandstone like finish.

Products Used

Content Image

Everyone can paint, so do you!

If you are looking to shift to a new house or want to renovate your existing one, the first thing you will need to think about is the painting. While it may be tempting to hire a professional to do it if you have never painted before, it will cost you a lot of money. Painting your own house allows you to experiment with something new and will help you save thousands of dollars.

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