Since Koolwall is the only polystyrene cladding system on the market which is wholly and solely supplied as a full entire system and is fully manufactured &; supplied from the one company, you can rest assured that what you receive is what was tried &; tested with no variations so you can rest assured that what you get is what we .


The following R ratings can be achieved using KOOL-WALL:

40mm KOOL-WALL – *2.3 R Value
60mm KOOL-WALL –  *2.8 R Value
75mm KOOL-WALL –  *3.0 R Value
*‘R’ Value refers to the thermal resistance of a building material, or assembly of building materials, where the ‘R’ Value is the reciprocal of the materials thermal conductivity. This value is the means of calculating the overall thermal resistance of a building product or system.



The safety of your investment is a major concern for both the home owner and us here at Active Building Systems P/L. To ensure that Koolwall is suitable as a building panel we ensure that all  KOOL-WALL Panels are manufactured from flame-retardant polystyrene . This allows the Koolwall panel to conform and exceed the relative BCA and Fire Hazard requirements.