Pre-Installation Details

The factory manufactured KOOL-WALL panel, incorporates the combination of EPS Expanded Polystyrene) embedded with Fibre-Glass reinforcing mesh and sealed with a durable membrane coating.

Standard KOOL-WALL Panel sizes are 1200 x 2500mm at a thickness of either 40,60mm, 75mm or 100mm. (Other thicknesses are available upon special order.)

KOOL-WALL Panels are able to be installed horizontally or vertically. The desired installation will be determined by the geometry of the proposed project.

Once Vapour Permeable Sarking has been applied, KOOL-WALL Panels are able to be fixed directly to the frame using a blue KOOL-WALL Washer and Class 3 screw at 300mm centers. These are to be approximately 30 – 35 fixings per panel.

All edges of the KOOL-WALL Panel must be securely fixed to the structural frame on a stud or nogging. Where KOOL-WALL Panels butt together on a nogging /stud, both panels must be independently secured along the joint with staggered fixings.



Stage 2

All butt joints must have blue KOOL-WALL joining mesh applied evenly across the joints. This is to be tacked in place awaiting the application of Ezycoat skim render.

KOOL-WALL Panels are to be mitred where meeting at external corners and fitted with an Ezytrim Pre-meshed pvc angle.

All exposed KOOL-WALL Panel edges are to be fitted with the appropriate Ezytrim finishing angles, Creative Mould or coated with Ezycoat Skim Render. All angles are to be securely glued and tacked in place.



Stage 3

Once Stages 1 & 2 are completed, the system is ready for the application of Ezycoat Skim Render (see Ezycoat Technical Data Sheets). This is to be applied in one or two coats providing an overall min. thickness of 4.0mm.

The Ezycoat Skim render must be float finished ready for the subsequent Ezycoat Texture finish of your choice. Once completed the system is ready to be painted with an Ezycoat membrane paint.

Note: This is a quick reference guide and at all stages the KOOL-WALL and Ezycoat Reference and Installation manuals should be referred to. For further inquiries please contact our offices.


Adobe_PDF_IconKoolwall Installation Manual



Adobe_PDF_IconCodemark Certificate



Adobe_PDF_IconKoolwall Sound Insulation