CodeMark is a building product certification scheme developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in consultation with the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, State and Territory Governments, Industry Groups and prospective Certifications Bodies.

This Trans-Tasman scheme will enable the pooling of resources and expertise and increase the access to both markets for product manufacturers who are producing quality products that are manufactured &conform to a standard.

The CodeMark mark of conformity provides mandatory acceptance by building control authorities / Building certifiers. It gives these professionals peace of mind and security that the product the builder has used meets Australian standards and more importantly Building standards that are set by the Building Codes Board of Australia.

The Koolwall Panel System & Ezycoat Render-Texture_Paint was the first system of its kind to achieve this accreditation. For many years the the Koolwall Panel System carried the then highest and most respected certification of its kind via the CSIRO appraisal system. Its ongoing quality and repeated use in the industry by professional builders has resulted in its CODE MARK Accreditation.


In order to ensure that what is specified by the designer is maintained right through to completion of the project your Building designer should ensure that the Builder on the project provides a form 15 from the supplier of the Koolwall Panel System & a Form 16 from the Installer.Blank

Form 15 & Form 16 are available in the Koolwall Downloads for your referral or from the Department of Housing web site or follow the link under Forms from the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (Qbcc) Web site http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au

This will provide peace of mind to the Building Designer, Building Certifier, Builder & home Owner,  that everything you have chosen conforms to Australian Building Code Standards and no nasty surprises will raise their head at a later stage.


Adobe_PDF_IconCodeMark Certificate Koolwall


Adobe_PDF_IconCompliance Certificate for building Design or Specification Form 15


Adobe_PDF_IconInspection Certificate/Aspect Certificate/QBSA Licensee Aspect Certificate Form 16