Eternit is the latest addition to Active Building Systems’s Port Folio. Manufactured by the Belgium based organisation Etex it is the largest global manufacturer of Fibre Cement Cladding in the world. We can now offer our customers an entire external cladding package to meet their needs.


Eternit System Floor: A light weight wet area, balcony and general flooring system which

uses an easy to install lap system that will increase speed of installation and reduce costs when compared with current Fibre Cement Flooring Systems on the market.

Kalsi Clad:  High Density Fibre Cement Sheeting available in various sizes and used to simiulate a Matrix expressed joint system.


Etrside: Fibre Cement Pre Primed weather boards
180mm x 15mm x 4200mm planks

All Eternit products are manufactured from Calcium Silicate Fibre Cement which ias 100% Asbestos Free, Resistant to termites & Insects, Highly Impact resistant, does not absorb moisture or humidity, non-combustible, accepts regular paint & Texture finishes without special treatment, is very flexible & dimensionally stable and carries a 15 year warranty.
The most common of the Eternit products is the Eterside, commonly referred to as the Weatherboard. Eterside is a 180mm wide x 15mm thick x 4.2m long plank. Its robust construction makes it ideal for direct fixing to steel or timber frames.
Kalsi Clad is avialble in various sizes with the most common being a 1200mm x 2400mm x 9mm High Density sheet which is suitable to be cut & shaped on site for the most intricate facades & wall linings so as to produce a Matrix type pattern.
System Floor is a light weight flooring sheet which is available in sheet sizes 600mm x 2700mm x 18mm. It is ideal for use in wet areas & balconies but also an ideal option as a general flooring system over timber or steel joists. Its easy to use lap join system increases speed and efficiency on site with the added advantage on product cost savings.

Watch this Space for New Products to be added to the Eternit Range.